Norcaceuticals: Generate and Share

We are so excited to begin our stages on offering the world An All-In-One Natural Topical Solution for Antimicrobial Applications, A safe alternative to synthesized topical prescriptions, and Provide an affordable and cost effective natural means that’s safe for your family and ours: Norcaceuticals.

Ideas are just ideas until put into action, this is a motto we have lived by and apply into our everyday lives. After years of research and development, i am excited to announce that my fiance and CEO of Norcaceuticals, Clinton Bryan, and i have created a wonderful solution to one of the worlds biggest issues: affordable natural skincare products.

The breakdown provided below is just the beginning of our product advertisement and marketing. Currently, we have had professional scientific research and development conducted for several months on CBOO1 by leading scientists and the results are astounding. As we enter our next phase to launch our product, we wanted to offer our close friends, family, and social media demographic a chance to take a peak first into what we soon hope to grow into one of the largest leading natural antimicrobial products in the U.S.


Welcome to Norcaceuticals ™




Founder (CEO)

Clinton G. Bryan



Co-Founder (COO)

Kelly R. Fosse


Chief Scientific Officer (CSO)

Quinlyn A. Soltow, PhD

Natural Antimicrobial Topical



•Athlete’s foot



•Clinical staph infections

•Yeast infections (bacterial & fungal)


•Superficial wounds

•Neonatal, Infant, and Juvenile Candidiasis

–Can occur on face, neck, buttocks (aka “diaper rash”)

–Parents who have concerns about using prescriptio-based products on their children.


Natural products are friendly

• Natural products are derived from plants and other microorganisms

• Unlike prescription antimicrobials, which have a specific microbial target, natural products generally have multiple, subtler modes of action

• Probiotics, prebiotics, some organic acids involved in metabolic pathways, herbs and plant extracts, can offer similar benefits that antibiotics provide

• Natural products have few, if any, side effects


Advantages of Natural Topical

• Advantages of my natural topical solution are that its components are also shown to be anti-inflammatory, moisturizing, biocompatible, and safe

• Few natural topical solutions on the market are backed by scientific evidence of antimicrobial properties


The product:

CBOO1 Results:

Antimicrobial testing methodology

  • All testing performed by CLSI guidelines​
  • All bacteria and fungi tested are certified ATCC strains​
  • All testing performed in regulated BSL2 environment​
  • Dilutions tested from 1:100 – 1:3200 in 96-well plate format ​
  • 1:100 is the highest concentration tested = 1% solution​
  • 1:3200 is the most dilute concentration tested = 0.03% solution​
  • CB001 is safe to use topically undiluted (100%), so the highest concentration tested (1%) is already very dilute

If you have any questions, advice, or feedback, please know the open door policy is applicable here from one entrepreneur to another.


Four Pillars (Coming Soon)

Happy to announce that a second book by Clinton G Bryan is in the making. What is so wonderful about self improvement books is the life long advice, lessons, and mentor ship you collect through various individuals. What are your foundations in life? What guides you? Four pillars is just that, the four pillars that create the foundation of this individuals life that has helped him get to where he is today, both professionally and personally. From starting at the bottom, to a lengthy full career in the military making below average pay, to a successful 6 figure income accumulating to a quarter of a million annually all by himself. The advice and guidance of this man is valuable outside of monetary means and worth a read.

The four pillars that create his foundation boil down to Self Love, Self Respect, Self Acceptance, and Self Actualization. This book will be approximately around 250 pages touching on a self-exploratory journey with personal analysis on ones life and choices. No ETA on launching has been established yet, however, it is in motion currently and being developed with extensive amount of care and concentration. The biggest difference between those who are successful and those who are not are the amount of risk and investments they are willing to make in them selves and their ideas. From books to products to inventions, this man does it all.  We hope to help those individuals struggling with change in their lives or need a little awakening to fulfill their true purpose.

Get involved and provide some feedback and ideas that maybe you can relate to or would like to have more clarity on, we are all for helping others and implementing new ideas. Follow the journey, it is worth the trip.

Thanks Everyone!



Outside of monetary factors, time is of the value as well! How often do you manage your time effectively? Do you plan out your days? Are you setting and reaching your short and long term goals? How are your quarterly goals ending? What new books have you read? All of these matter and count in order to truly be successful. I can sometimes become very busy myself, so when I was introduced to a TimeBook, I could not have been happier.

The Timebook is exactly what it says, a book of your time. It can be purchased online (I bought mine from Amazon) for roughly $20. This book goes into such depth and detail that it truly makes you consider what is important in your life and how valuable your time actually is. From quarterly goals to time wheels that show the percentage of time you invest in a variety of subjects, this book does it all!

As an aspiring entrepreneur, time management is key. One of the things I have learned is to work smarter, not harder and to utilize your resources in cohesion with taking advantage of opportunities when they present themselves. This was one of those tools that was being introduced into my life that I could not afford to pass up.

My First TimeBook – The Start of Good Life’ is the introductory workbook and planner
of the TimeBook series, helping people around the world achieve the life of their dreams.

  • LEARN THE WINNING HABITS AND ROUTINES of the world’s most successful super-achievers, including Steve Jobs, Bill Gates and Elon Musk.
  • INCORPORATE THESE HABITS into your own life using the simple, step-by-step guide of manageable actions and tasks.
  • BECOME MORE PRODUCTIVE – join the top 1% by mastering the art of planning and working more efficiently towards success.
  • EVALUATE ASPECTS OF YOUR LIFE using the TimeBook self-assessment tools; track your progress against quarterly, monthly, weekly and daily goals.
  • UNDATED INTERACTIVE PLANNER with the 28-Day challenge full of useful hints, inspiring quotes, motivating challenges and educational videos.

The first half of the book reveals the world’s most successful super-achievers’ winning secrets on time management, productivity, the art of planning and the importance of setting goals. It provides practical, easy-to-follow steps on applying them to the areas of your life that need attention, whether that’s your finances, career, relationships, health or your physical environment.

The second section is your own personal undated planner and journal. Apply your new wisdom, introduce new habits and set your quarterly, monthly, weekly and daily goals as part of the 28-day TimeBook challenge. Tracking your progress gives you the opportunity to celebrate success milestones along the way and motivate you towards achieving greater goals in the following days, weeks, months and years.

The TimeBook has improved lives in 86 countries and in 48 states and we can guarantee it will do the same for you. Follow the steps in the book and you’ll join the family of TimeBookers who have graduated from “My First TimeBook – The Start of Good Life” to the “TimeBook I – The Foundation of Good Life” Planner, reaping the benefits of the TimeBook formula and enjoying success and happiness.

Don’t waste the rest of your life regretting:”IF I ONLY HAD …”
Get out of your comfort zone and be extraordinary!” 
(TimeBook, no date).

If organizing your life seems like a task you need help tackling to get the most out of your time and life, please consider purchasing a Timebook! It has done wonders for my life and it all starts with micro-changes.

Leave some comments, I would love to hear some thoughts on this or if you know anything similar that could be of some value to aspiring individuals like myself! Thanks Everyone!

TimeBook (no date) My First TimeBook. Available at: (Accessed: 21 February 2017).

Maximize “Digits”!

Money makes the world go round, so why not constantly save some of it! Previously, one of my focal points was about maximizing profits and creating multiple sources of income. One of my “Must-Haves” is DIGIT! Digit is an amazing savings app that allows you to create goals, budget, and save money literally without you having to do a thing. That is right, Digit does it all for you. How could saving money be any easier? Digit is a free downloadable app, formatted for most cellular devices, and easy to utilize.

“How does the Digit app work?
Digit works by looking at your cashflow to decide if it can transfer some of your money into an FDIC-insured Digit deposit account. Your money does not earn interest because Digit collects the interest as its “fee.” So, Digit merely focuses on helping you stash away your money. You link Digit to your checking account and it will see if you can afford to move some money (typically $5 to $50) into the Digit account every two to three days” (MyBankTracker, 2015).

Being a young, full-time college student, saving is a must! I personally set reasonable goals for my salary range and let the app do the rest. I never have to manually do anything except open the app and ask what my savings are. The really neat thing about this app is it sends you text updates that are super friendly keeping you up to date (usually daily) on your savings. The reassurance it gives you that you are on track to hitting that goal is beyond refreshing.

You are able to pull out your savings through the app or transfer it to your checking out with just the hit of the “Transfer” button. The icons are simple, easy to use and even offers a personal touch of setting your own “emoji” to identify your different goals and savings.I am not horrible at saving money by any means, however, this makes saving fun, easy, and stress free.

If you’re interested in giving it a go or downloading this app to try it out, it is highly recommended. I will post the link below, if you have any other apps you think are worth mentioning or tangible go ahead and comment away.  Enjoy your savings! $$$$$



MyBankTracker (2015) Are savings Apps, like digit and acorns, better than savings accounts? Available at: (Accessed: 21 February 2017).


What’s “Stocking” you from being successsful?

One of the various things I have learned while going through, both formal education and real life scenarios to help my development, is one of the key factors to earning a six figure income/financial independence is multiple sources of income! That’s right, multiple sources of income is a key element outside of your standard salary or hourly paying career/temp job. One of the many ways my mentor and i “dabble” in having multiple incomes, besides us collecting dual income as partners,  is stocks and investments. with the technological age upon us, applications are of course the new way to network and make gaining multiple incomes a easy reality for most individuals. The application we both use that i will be discussing today is “Stock Trader Professional” which helps you

“Optimize your stock trading techniques
and generate 2x, even 5x more profit”!

A quick insight on what you can gain from this app is:

“What can you expect when you join Stock Trader Pro?

  • Expert answers your questions and immediately gives you his opinion on it.
  • “Grow” your profits — all while improving your strategies.
  • How to find a stock that is on the verge of a breakout. Making 20% in 3 days.
  • Never miss any important information, that will help you make a profitable buy.
  • Talk with me personally for 9 hours/day in a group chat.
  • Easy filtering through thousands of investing possibilities and finding the right ones that make you profit.
  • Help to skyrocket your stock trading portfolio.
  • Teaching you how to almost always de-risk every move that you make.
  • Faster growth as a trader.
  • More time to spend on things that you love doing: painting, schooling, running a business, spending time with your family…”

My fiance is more of the tech guru and has several investments, some of which he does through this application. It is free to download and access and beyond simple to navigate through. You can view statistics and marketing strategies and well as buy, sell, or trade all from your mobile phone with the ease of just a click. The stocks being offered are color coordinated as well to help show you the positive and negative monetary status on where the stock currently lies.

The bottom of the application again proves ease with navigation and allows room to chat, view notifications, adjust settings and much more. This is a simple way to maximize your income through an additional source over time. If this seems like something your interested in or would like to take a look into, I will post the link below for easy access!

Join in and let me know your thoughts or other recommendations of applications to maximize income and profits! $$$$$$$$

Third Circle Theory: Where are you at?

Hello Everyone!

My first blog was a self promotional read for a book my fiance and I had published together, I decided to keep the ball rolling and continue my second post with a book that changed my life! I always contemplated and over stressed myself when it came to finding a “passion” in life because I felt this was going to lead me to my “purpose”. There were plenty of early mornings and late nights where I would hit the drawing boards in hopes to achieve some sense of relief from finding that “purpose”. My fiance and Mentor, Clinton Bryan, recommended a book to me titled “Third Circle Theory: Purpose Through Observation” by Pejman Ghadimi and breaks down the theory Secret Entourage that was created to explain how the human mind evolves from birth to the stage where it can find “purpose”! This book is rated 4.2/5 and is under the self improvement, business, and self-help section and tags. After reading this book I gained such a sense of peace and clarity on my life and was able to understand the “Circle” I was in at the time of my life. The clarity came from understanding where I was at in my life at the age I was is perfectly fine and right on track. To dive deeper into the breakdown of this profound read that i recommend aspiring entrepreneur to read, I will start with the simple preview of each theory.

“The book is written in a manner that creates self-reflection. I describe a lot of aspects that I’ve encountered in my life however this book is not about me, it’s about you. If you’re reading this book you will find yourself ultimately pausing a lot after each section and self-reflecting on if these things that I explain are applicable to you or not.

I believe that everybody in life goes through three different circles and so I’ve broken up an individual’s life into three different segments that everyone, no matter who you are, will ultimately either go through some or all of these depending on how far you get in life. And by how far you get in life I am not referring to how much money you make.

The first circle is the one we are all born into and it’s called the Circle of Circumstance – The mastery of circumstance. We are all born into an environment and that differs for everybody. Some of us are born poor, some born rich, some born in climates that allow business to occur and others to a third world country. Regardless of where we are born we are still born into this world into a circumstance and mastering circumstance is one of the key things we must do in order to be able to be effective in our lives. The day you take control of your life is when you understand that whatever your circumstance is it is not the reason why you are going to be successful or not successful. Things like fear, goals and habits are things we are all born with and adhere to based on the environment we are born into but we don’t have to. So this first circle teaches you how to master your circumstance, how to take control of your life regardless of how good or bad it is and regardless of what fears you face.

The second circle is The Mastery of Society. A lot of people understand that regardless of where you are, you belong to a society and no matter how advanced or behind that society is you still have to learn to master it in order to gain a voice in it. Part of mastering a society involves making money and without learning how to make money it is very hard for a society to actually hear out what you have to say. Most people we see in our society have had success and typically that success is defined by how much money they have made and therefore they earn a voice within that realm. It is important in life that no matter how much of an outcast we want to be or how much of an individualized person we want to be, we have to master the element of the society we live in. We need to understand how to actually make money so that we are able to function and go past it. Most people get stuck in this circle because they’re not able to get past the fears and take control of their circumstance from the first circle.

A few people are very successful in society and transition on into the third circle – The Mastery of Life. The mastery of life occurs in a very different state because it has no relevance to money. This is about the mastery of one self rather than the mastery of how you belong to society of people. One of the main things about entrepreneurship is it really takes place in this circle. A lot of people don’t divide the difference in being self-employed and entrepreneurship. If you are in business and self-employed you are still in the second circle and its one purpose is to make a profit. However, when you choose to take on entrepreneurship it is because you are out there to try to facilitate the way we do business. Your primary goal no longer becomes to make money; your primary goal becomes to create change. Once we’ve mastered how society works, we’ve understood how to take control of our circumstance we come up with an idea for us to improve the way things work”.

Like I said, this is a perfect read for those aspiring to become greater than who they were yesterday and fully understand their place in life by truly comprehending the circle they are in. I hope those of you who read this check out this book, I will post a preview clip from youtube where you can listen to the preview and all the insight it has to offer!

If you have any questions or inquiries, feel free to submit them through the contact page. You can also submit comments to this blog in response or simply just help me gain some insight on your favorite books that you would recommend to aspiring entrepreneur!