Norcaceuticals: Generate and Share

We are so excited to begin our stages on offering the world An All-In-One Natural Topical Solution for Antimicrobial Applications, A safe alternative to synthesized topical prescriptions, and Provide an affordable and cost effective natural means that’s safe for your family and ours: Norcaceuticals.

Ideas are just ideas until put into action, this is a motto we have lived by and apply into our everyday lives. After years of research and development, i am excited to announce that my fiance and CEO of Norcaceuticals, Clinton Bryan, and i have created a wonderful solution to one of the worlds biggest issues: affordable natural skincare products.

The breakdown provided below is just the beginning of our product advertisement and marketing. Currently, we have had professional scientific research and development conducted for several months on CBOO1 by leading scientists and the results are astounding. As we enter our next phase to launch our product, we wanted to offer our close friends, family, and social media demographic a chance to take a peak first into what we soon hope to grow into one of the largest leading natural antimicrobial products in the U.S.


Welcome to Norcaceuticals ™




Founder (CEO)

Clinton G. Bryan



Co-Founder (COO)

Kelly R. Fosse


Chief Scientific Officer (CSO)

Quinlyn A. Soltow, PhD

Natural Antimicrobial Topical



•Athlete’s foot



•Clinical staph infections

•Yeast infections (bacterial & fungal)


•Superficial wounds

•Neonatal, Infant, and Juvenile Candidiasis

–Can occur on face, neck, buttocks (aka “diaper rash”)

–Parents who have concerns about using prescriptio-based products on their children.


Natural products are friendly

• Natural products are derived from plants and other microorganisms

• Unlike prescription antimicrobials, which have a specific microbial target, natural products generally have multiple, subtler modes of action

• Probiotics, prebiotics, some organic acids involved in metabolic pathways, herbs and plant extracts, can offer similar benefits that antibiotics provide

• Natural products have few, if any, side effects


Advantages of Natural Topical

• Advantages of my natural topical solution are that its components are also shown to be anti-inflammatory, moisturizing, biocompatible, and safe

• Few natural topical solutions on the market are backed by scientific evidence of antimicrobial properties


The product:

CBOO1 Results:

Antimicrobial testing methodology

  • All testing performed by CLSI guidelines​
  • All bacteria and fungi tested are certified ATCC strains​
  • All testing performed in regulated BSL2 environment​
  • Dilutions tested from 1:100 – 1:3200 in 96-well plate format ​
  • 1:100 is the highest concentration tested = 1% solution​
  • 1:3200 is the most dilute concentration tested = 0.03% solution​
  • CB001 is safe to use topically undiluted (100%), so the highest concentration tested (1%) is already very dilute

If you have any questions, advice, or feedback, please know the open door policy is applicable here from one entrepreneur to another.