Raised in Gun Barrel City, Texas, I was one of the individuals with the dreams and ideas too big for the small town i was in. I am a Military Veteran (Seabee) and Current student pursuing a BBA and MBA emphasizing in Organizational Leadership at Brandman University with additional plans to attend Law School in Southern California to become a Patent Attorney. Philanthropy and Entrepreneurship are both passions of mine and collectively coincide with the career path I have chosen. Although formal education is a prerequisite for any substantial paying salary career, I do enjoy the continuous self improvement and growth I gain in educating myself and getting one step closer to the next level/goal in life.



First Network Investment

Up and Coming Author of “Individually as One: A fresh relationship perspective”, Clinton G. Bryan, and Co Author, Myself, offering profound insight on Relationships, Growth, Development, Unity, and Clarity on ones life. This book can be purchased on Amazon.com for the low price of $5.99! Feel free to check out my blog for more details on this short book as well as click on the link below which will direct you to the website where it can be previewed and purchased. For more networking and insight coverage on this professional, visit his LinkedIn Profile to view his astounding Credentials, Awards, Achievements and much more: bryan