Outside of monetary factors, time is of the value as well! How often do you manage your time effectively? Do you plan out your days? Are you setting and reaching your short and long term goals? How are your quarterly goals ending? What new books have you read? All of these matter and count in order to truly be successful. I can sometimes become very busy myself, so when I was introduced to a TimeBook, I could not have been happier.

The Timebook is exactly what it says, a book of your time. It can be purchased online (I bought mine from Amazon) for roughly $20. This book goes into such depth and detail that it truly makes you consider what is important in your life and how valuable your time actually is. From quarterly goals to time wheels that show the percentage of time you invest in a variety of subjects, this book does it all!

As an aspiring entrepreneur, time management is key. One of the things I have learned is to work smarter, not harder and to utilize your resources in cohesion with taking advantage of opportunities when they present themselves. This was one of those tools that was being introduced into my life that I could not afford to pass up.

My First TimeBook – The Start of Good Life’ is the introductory workbook and planner
of the TimeBook series, helping people around the world achieve the life of their dreams.

  • LEARN THE WINNING HABITS AND ROUTINES of the world’s most successful super-achievers, including Steve Jobs, Bill Gates and Elon Musk.
  • INCORPORATE THESE HABITS into your own life using the simple, step-by-step guide of manageable actions and tasks.
  • BECOME MORE PRODUCTIVE – join the top 1% by mastering the art of planning and working more efficiently towards success.
  • EVALUATE ASPECTS OF YOUR LIFE using the TimeBook self-assessment tools; track your progress against quarterly, monthly, weekly and daily goals.
  • UNDATED INTERACTIVE PLANNER with the 28-Day challenge full of useful hints, inspiring quotes, motivating challenges and educational videos.

The first half of the book reveals the world’s most successful super-achievers’ winning secrets on time management, productivity, the art of planning and the importance of setting goals. It provides practical, easy-to-follow steps on applying them to the areas of your life that need attention, whether that’s your finances, career, relationships, health or your physical environment.

The second section is your own personal undated planner and journal. Apply your new wisdom, introduce new habits and set your quarterly, monthly, weekly and daily goals as part of the 28-day TimeBook challenge. Tracking your progress gives you the opportunity to celebrate success milestones along the way and motivate you towards achieving greater goals in the following days, weeks, months and years.

The TimeBook has improved lives in 86 countries and in 48 states and we can guarantee it will do the same for you. Follow the steps in the book and you’ll join the family of TimeBookers who have graduated from “My First TimeBook – The Start of Good Life” to the “TimeBook I – The Foundation of Good Life” Planner, reaping the benefits of the TimeBook formula and enjoying success and happiness.

Don’t waste the rest of your life regretting:”IF I ONLY HAD …”
Get out of your comfort zone and be extraordinary!” 
(TimeBook, no date).

If organizing your life seems like a task you need help tackling to get the most out of your time and life, please consider purchasing a Timebook! It has done wonders for my life and it all starts with micro-changes.

Leave some comments, I would love to hear some thoughts on this or if you know anything similar that could be of some value to aspiring individuals like myself! Thanks Everyone!


TimeBook (no date) My First TimeBook. Available at: http://timebook.life/ladys-and-gentlemans-timebook/my-first-timebook/ (Accessed: 21 February 2017).

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