Maximize “Digits”!

Money makes the world go round, so why not constantly save some of it! Previously, one of my focal points was about maximizing profits and creating multiple sources of income. One of my “Must-Haves” is DIGIT! Digit is an amazing savings app that allows you to create goals, budget, and save money literally without you having to do a thing. That is right, Digit does it all for you. How could saving money be any easier? Digit is a free downloadable app, formatted for most cellular devices, and easy to utilize.

“How does the Digit app work?
Digit works by looking at your cashflow to decide if it can transfer some of your money into an FDIC-insured Digit deposit account. Your money does not earn interest because Digit collects the interest as its “fee.” So, Digit merely focuses on helping you stash away your money. You link Digit to your checking account and it will see if you can afford to move some money (typically $5 to $50) into the Digit account every two to three days” (MyBankTracker, 2015).

Being a young, full-time college student, saving is a must! I personally set reasonable goals for my salary range and let the app do the rest. I never have to manually do anything except open the app and ask what my savings are. The really neat thing about this app is it sends you text updates that are super friendly keeping you up to date (usually daily) on your savings. The reassurance it gives you that you are on track to hitting that goal is beyond refreshing.

You are able to pull out your savings through the app or transfer it to your checking out with just the hit of the “Transfer” button. The icons are simple, easy to use and even offers a personal touch of setting your own “emoji” to identify your different goals and savings.I am not horrible at saving money by any means, however, this makes saving fun, easy, and stress free.

If you’re interested in giving it a go or downloading this app to try it out, it is highly recommended. I will post the link below, if you have any other apps you think are worth mentioning or tangible go ahead and comment away.  Enjoy your savings! $$$$$



MyBankTracker (2015) Are savings Apps, like digit and acorns, better than savings accounts? Available at: (Accessed: 21 February 2017).


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