Individually as One: A Fresh Relationship Perspective.

Hello Everyone!

As the first launch of my new website one of the things I wanted to touch base on is a book that My fiance and I had worked on together and the promotion of it. One of the main key points to my website is the networking of myself and other entrepreneurs to “bridge the gap” and spread the information. The short book is titled “Individually as one: a fresh relationship perspective” and is available online at for the low price of $5.99. Currently this book is only ebook/kindle however current funding is being put into full effect to establish hard copies to consumers.

The abstract of this short book is very simple as described below:

“As humans; we were never asked to be born who we are, we just have to make who we become! We are directly influenced by so many societal paradigms, which negatively stagnates “our” growth, independent thoughts, ideals, our core values, and they sometimes even skews our perception of our true selves.

We were spat out into this unforsaken world without being asked for our opinions on who we wanted to be, never granted the choice in choosing who our parents are, what we wanted to look like, what family we wanted to born into, or even an input on where we wanted to be delivered during birth, and although pre-birth does not come with options packages, we have play the hand we were dealt in life.

These factors contribute tremendously to who we are individually and directly impacts our interactions with our fellow human beings on a daily basis, but even more so during shared moments throughout our lives like with a partner in a relationship.

Have you ever wondered why your failed relationships turn out the way they did? Often times we try to figure out who’s to blame and what major or minor determining factors contributed to the failure of those relationships? An intensive analysis was conducted to evaluate the individual thought processes in conjunction with what societal factors influenced the lower rate of failed relationships that our parents and grandparents once shared, in comparison with most of today’s current relationships.

With the information gathered, an inspiring and refreshing approach has been developed to help coach and guide the modern day couple; as it seems that there is common notion with a severely higher breakup rate than what previously existed, which is somewhat of a direct contribution of today’s societal pressures and norms.

Individually As One starts out by outlining what defines us as individuals, what genes factors are involved in our response mechanisms, our motivations that drives us, the multiple personalities we possess and how we use them to our advantage, how our past experience effect our current situation when dealing with conflict, our core values that mold our belief system, how we view responsibilities their individual when we’re by ourselves or shared when we’re in a relationship, and how we make choices; whether good or bad.

This book takes us from the beginning stages of a relationship sometimes referred to as the courting phase to the sometimes inevitable honest reality also known as the honeymoon exiting stages, where the true person’s core values arise which can sometimes be the ending point for some if not most relationships.

The book also points out each individual’s roles, innate flaws, and how one should hold one’s self accountable respectively and take responsibility for their individual actions and observe how these actions impact one’s partner, while paying close attention to the responses of the opposing effected partner; which is also a major determining factor in the success or failure of a relationship.

This observation of partnership from both parties can help remove the finger pointing blame game in order to sustain a healthy relationship”.

So far the only networking and audience we have been able to reach are though our personal social media accounts, if you are an entrepreneur yourself and would like to contribute your support please feel free to check out the link below for the book as well as found on the home page of the website at the bottom. We appreciate all the support and “networking” we can get as we are chasing a dream of ours.

Please feel free to leave your comments below or any inquiries in the contact tab, Thanks again everyone!

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